A Night in the City

Sorry for the delay in posts everyone, I have been extremely busy with J-school and my posts have been inconsistent so again I am sorry for that.

During November I had the opportunity to go on a field trip with one of my best friend’s and our Visual Communications class to explore the Art Gallery of Ontario. Even in November it was a little chilly, but nothing like this wicked storm mother nature threw at us today. We weren’t meeting our class until 6 p.m. so we decided to go for lunch downtown at the Queen Mother Cafe. However we went the wrong way for about an hour until realizing that QMC is the other way…

The Queen Mother Cafe was established in 1978. It is housed in a historic 150+ year building in the heart of the entertainment district. Address: 208 Queen St. W, Toronto, ON, M5V 1Z2. (West of University)

The Queen Mother Cafe is famous for their fresh and flavourful Lao-Thai and Pan-global cuisine, and sinful desserts. I have been once before and the food was very delicious, the staff is very friendly and its one of my favourite restaurants to go to when I venture into the city.

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Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

1604843_10203316867826146_763004284_nEvery year my New Years resolution tends to be the same… “eat better, go to the gym, be a positive person…etc.” So while surfing the web to look for healthier recipes for my everyday comfort foods I discovered this Greek yogurt banana bread recipe from Lovely Little Kitchen and I was blown away.

I tend to have a bad habit of buying fresh bananas and then leaving them to the very last minute before the point of no return. However, nothing beats homemade banana bread especially like how my grandmother used to make. One recipe that keeps me drooling every time is Shannon’s Kitchen Sink Banana Bread. To me banana bread is all about experimenting and finding what combinations work and which ones don’t. Another addition which is always a favourite would be adding some semi-sweet chocolate morsels!

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Sweater Weather and Crème Brûlée

October is coming to an end and November is almost upon us, amazing how fast the seasons keep changing! Fall has to be my favourite season for two reasons; firstly the changing of colours on the trees especially around cottage country or further up towards Algonquin Park.

McKenzie Lake in the Fall, it is 20 minutes from the east gate of Algonquin park and is a natural spring fed lake. More than 75 percent of the land is still crown  land.

Secondly, because of sweater weather, cuddling by the fire to your favourite book, and always keeping warm with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of making one of my all time favourite comfort foods…Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée. The rich smooth custard topped with caramelized sugar is the perfect end to a cold fall day.

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Weekend Getaway: Niagara’s Wineries

DSC01050This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to various wineries across Niagara to experience the harvest but also what makes their wine unique from the rest.

The Niagara region is home to over 80 wineries with its rich soil and wet cool conditions which allows wine makers to create beautiful wines. Every year there are three celebrations to support wine in Niagara; in June there is the Niagara New Vintage festival, in September the Grape and Wine festival (Niagara Wine Festival), and in January the Niagara Icewine festival.

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