Before you jump into something new, consider these three rules

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

I have so many friends who constantly jump from guy to guy within a matter of a few weeks. For what reason? Are they actually that afraid to be alone? Does being single scare you? For whatever reason it sometimes feels like society is pressuring us to be with someone, to waste away our days constantly texting, wanting to love and be loved.

I have never been the one to jump from boyfriend to boyfriend, its just not my thing. The way I see it, I need time to let go of someone else fully before moving on to someone else. Its always nice having someone to text you good morning, ask how your day is going or even cheer you up when you are having a rough day but are you really happy? Are you happy knowing you may still have feelings for someone else while jumping into something new?

I loved watching shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives (back in the day) but after watching numerous seasons you soon realize just how many significant others the characters go through. I mean sometimes it was hard to keep up who was with who.

What television has taught me over the years are 3 simple rules when it comes to jumping into something new:

1. Make sure you are ready. There is nothing worse than starting something new and realizing all you really want is to be with your ex. You are not only hurting your significant other but also yourself.

2. Know what you want. Sure it happens we meet someone we really start to like and realize were not on the same page. I hate the feeling of loving someone you know you can never have. When you are upfront about your feelings, you are able to make decisions based on how you feel and if its meant to be it will be if not its time to move on.

3. Go with the flow. Sometimes you don’t always know what you want at first, its easier to just see where things lead rather than define something and risk your chances with someone. Its still important to know you want but know your limits and when it is time to say no.

Remember to allow yourself to feel, there is nothing worse than locking up all your feelings with fear of getting hurt. I would rather feel pain than nothing at all.


3 thoughts on “Before you jump into something new, consider these three rules

    • I guess their type of happiness is determined by someone else instead of them. But I totally agree, I cannot stand listening to how quickly they move on, how do you ever heal if you’re always with someone new?

      • Exactly! Its probably not the greatest idea to 100% depend your happiness on someone else too

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