Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

1604843_10203316867826146_763004284_nEvery year my New Years resolution tends to be the same… “eat better, go to the gym, be a positive person…etc.” So while surfing the web to look for healthier recipes for my everyday comfort foods I discovered this Greek yogurt banana bread recipe from Lovely Little Kitchen and I was blown away.

I tend to have a bad habit of buying fresh bananas and then leaving them to the very last minute before the point of no return. However, nothing beats homemade banana bread especially like how my grandmother used to make. One recipe that keeps me drooling every time is Shannon’s Kitchen Sink Banana Bread. To me banana bread is all about experimenting and finding what combinations work and which ones don’t. Another addition which is always a favourite would be adding some semi-sweet chocolate morsels!

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