Trick or Treat?

Even if Halloween is over, the trick or treating may not be. Recently I had a trick of my own, on Sunday night after dinner I brought grapes to the table that had been sitting in my fridge for a week that my brother had failed to eat.

Nested in the stems of the red grapes a Black Widow can be seen. The Grapes were from the Real Canadian Superstore located in St. Catharines, ON

Upon munching on several grapes I noticed this white string like web in the centre of the bunch. To my surprise a spider quickly stuttered out of it. Mid-scream I had come to the conclusion my family had been the victim of buying a bunch of grapes with the nest of a Black Widow inside. As the Widow climbed over the grapes and onto my mother’s plate, she quickly reacted by lifting her knife and sliced it in half. After the torso of the spider still squirmed after being split I quickly stopped screaming after realizing what had happened during that traumatizing experience.

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